Okay. so welcome to my Tumblr. As such, I'm gonna post some of my art on it (as well as my DeviantArt when I get to it). I'll also post updates on where my comic is going production-wise.

31st July 2011


I want to point out to adults that there is a world of good material available to you now in comic form - in this medium - and learn to give it your support because the more you support it, the better the material will be as it comes out.
— Will Eisner

27th June 2011

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Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience
— Masaru Ibuka

20th June 2011


Comics offers tremendous resources to all writers and artists: faithfulness, control, a chance to be heard far and wide without fear of compromise.
— Scott McCloud

3rd March 2010